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This system has features for automating the recruitment processes. Manage your clients, vendors and candidates through easy to use interfaces with add, edit and delete options. An in-built search filter will help you locate any entry for clients, vendors or candidate. Hence the system has the capacity to handle 1000’s of records. It has features for managing job openings and scheduling interviews for those job openings. A candidate basket is also present to sort the candidates according to various criteria’s required for an opening. This makes the search through the large number of candidates very fast and efficient. The system can store all the official information of the candidates like skills, qualifications, etc. and searching through these parameters is also present. This system will make your recruitment process very fast, efficient and fun.
The Recruitment Management System automates the whole recruitment process with modules like:
Interview Scheduling and Management
Admin Interface with System Settings
Client and Contact Management
Job Opening Management
Candidate Profile Management
Candidate Basket Management
Vendor Management
Activity Management
Search Filters
Reports Management
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